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China Harbor

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Last week, my cousin got married. 
There was a morning portion, and and afternoon/night portion. The morning portion consisted of the traditional Vietnamese way of getting married, then afterwards everyone went to a church for the ceremony since my cousin and a majority of her now-husband's side of the family is Catholic. In the afternoon, we drove down to China Harbor on Union Lake. I've heard that China Harbor is the largest Chinese restaurant in Seattle. While I'm not sure if that's correct, I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Case in point, there was another wedding going on at the same time in a different floor, too.
Unfortunately, nobody swooned over the food. It lacked seasoning and in dishes that contained rice, the rice was hard. There was a lot of food though, probably eight dishes per table! 
My cousin chose China Harbor because of the view. At night, when you overlook the lake, all you see are the city lights! I've always found something so enticingly beautiful about the city at night, how the night sky scintillates above you and the lights sparkle like diamonds thrown across miles and miles of black fabric stretched taut. Almost like having stars on Earth. I would've taken a photo of it, but considering all you'd see is a black picture with fuzzy circles in it, I decided against it.
These are just random, little tidbits but at the wedding, I was able to meet a woman from Connecticut who flew over. She knew my aunt from when they lived in a refugee camp in Thailand, and she had known my dad and mother after she came to the U.S. She told me my grandma has been telling her that I used to be able to speak Chinese, and I learned from her that she has a daughter who is a nurse. When she asked me about my career/future plans, I told her I was debating on becoming an English teacher so I can teach abroad, or to go somewhere in the medical field. 
Also, I have another cousin who has hypertrophic scars on her chest, back, and ear. After she saw that I had something similar (if not the exact same) on my chest, she quickly recommended me Kelo-Cote gel and Scar Away sheets and told me of the hardships she's had to endure with them. It really comforted me to know that there's someone else who has these type of blemishes and it touched me when my cousin confided in me the tribulations of them, such as how people always stare at the scars or children ask, "What's that?"

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Pike Place + Ferris Wheel

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This is a post that's about two weeks overdue. I didn't get to see much of the market (just the outer rim of it all), but we did get to see the fishmongers throw fish back and forth. Also, from one of the windows inside the market, we saw a ferris wheel, and decided, hey, why not?  I don't remember the prices, but we paid about fifty dollars for two adults, one teen (we may or may not have lied about my age), and one kid. The ferris wheel rotates three full times while you're riding in it.